Just Laffy Taffy Money

Reading about Saddleback's financial shortfall, and Rick Warren's urgent plea for a million in two days, reminds me that we're not in such bad financial shape in Hayward after all.

2009 was a very difficult year financially for a lot of people -- including congregations (our own included.) However, God is always faithful. Jehovah Jirah is Our Provider and He never fails His people.

When things are tight financially, it's simply a call to reconsider the wisest way to use the money entrusted to us as faithful stewards. It forces us to make decisions and adjustments we probably should have made in the first place. In times of plenty, it is human nature to become less careful in spending practices. Financial hardship is good "quality control."

Sometimes, a big financial problem isn't nearly as big as it seems. I did a little math and figured that the Saddleback shortfall is less than a dollar per attendee per week (or fouteen cents per day -- and Hannah tells me that's less than the price of a Laffy Taffy.)
Now, that's manageable.


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