Anonymous said…
Isn't that an oxymoron?
Anonymous said…
What a fabulous post. I wonder if Anonymous bothered to read the article, or just decided to call it an oxymoron.

This is no more an oxymoran than Christian Democrat is.

Perhaps some could benefit from a sampling of not only some of the dark ale of Arthur Guinness, but more from a following of his generous spirit.
Sam Wilson said…
Some of the best Christians that I have met worked with me at Anheuser Busch. I worked at Anheuser for over 29 years and saw the generosity of Anheuser Busch employees and company not only to the local community but to the world. When disaster strikes, Anheuser is first in line providing clean drinking water and aid each time.

It’s the same narrow minded people who say that it is an oxymoron to be a Brewmeister and Christian that pass judgment on myself and others who work for Anheuser, while overlooking their own faults and sins. They ignore the fact that they break the commandments and at the same time pat themselves on the back because they do not drink. They seem to think that not drinking and looking down on anyone associated with alcohol makes them a superior person and wipes out the sins they overlook for themselves and their crony buddies.

My thought is for these people to quit lying, lusting, and the other thou shalt-nots. Look at yourself and take a lesson from the generous Brewmeister.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous, take the oxy off and that's what you are.
Mark O Wilson said…
Anonymous #3, I allow people to post anonymously for a reason, but that reason is certainly not name calling. I won't allow that on my blog.

Feel free to disagree to post your opinion. Do not attack people and call them names.
Mark O Wilson said…
Sam, great to hear from you big brother!! Thanks for your comment.
Anonymous said…
What a blessing that Arthur heard this particular sermon about ministering to others. I wonder what would have happened if the only sermon he had heard would have been about the evils of brewing? The world would have lost the generosity of a great man.

I thank God everyday for people like this Missional Brewmeister.
Anonymous said…
Sorry Mark

I become extremely angry and upset when I feel people attack others. Nothing riles me as much as church members automatically assuming others cannot be Christian or do God's work because they do not fit the mold of the local church or denonmination.

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