On a Wing and a Prayer

On Christmas Sunday, my friend, Rachel Skime, shared the inspiring story of God's loving faithfulness as she serves as a school teacher in the remote fishing village of Quinhagak, Alaska(and here some of you thought Hayward was the end of the earth!)

I think you'll be blessed by the latest post on her blog, Alaska at Last.

It's the heartwarming account of how her ailing grandmother, Betty Ronning, prayed her home.

Betty suffered a stroke about three weeks ago. Rachel tried desperately to get a flight home to be with her family, but the high winds kept all the local bush planes grounded.

Over the phone, Betty prayed with Rachel, "Da wind, da wind, end da wind, end da wind."

And da wind ended just enough for Rachel's flight to depart.

There's real power in a grandmother's prayers!


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