Boards are Like Cats

I am in the Twin Cities today, for a Wesleyan Native American Ministries Board retreat. The purpose of our time together is training for more effective board practices.

Our trainer is Pat McLaughlin, president of The Timothy Group.

The idea that a board can be trained is foreign to me. It's going to be a fascinating experience.

From my experience, boards are like cats -- fairly independent and highly resistant to fetching, begging or rolling over.

But in a couple of days, I'm heading back to Hayward, just in time to try out my new skills at our monthly church board meeting.

"Here kitty, kitty, kitty!"


Cora White said…
lol now that is funny.
Steve U. said…
Good Luck.
I wish I had read this before my board meeting last night.
Anonymous said…
You do not train intelligent human beings, you teach/educate them so they learn to think for themselves.

You train animals. Trained animals do what their leader commands regardless, even if it is wrong.

Many churches or denominations have tried training people for generations. The leaders do not want individuals who think for themselves.

Woof! Woof!

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