A Call to Compassion

Our hearts go out to those suffering from the recent earthquake in Haiti. It is truly a call to prayer and compassion.

The epicenter of this earthquake has directly impacted five Wesleyan congregations in the greater Port-au-Prince area. One of these, the largest Wesleyan church in Haiti, is located in the area that seems to have been hardest hit.

Also, Northern Lights Christian Center, here in our own community, has significant connections and mission work in Haiti.

My good friends from Pilgrim Wesleyan Church in Brooklyn all have beloved family members who were in the earthquake.

Two appropriate responses:
1. Pray for our suffering brothers and sisters.
2. Give in response to the need.
A great place to give is World Hope International (http://www.worldhope.org/) They have a good method of aid distribution connected to local churches. They are also compiling a list of volunteers who are willing to go down and lend assistance.

Another good way to help is through Northern Lights Christian Center's Haiti Mission. (http://www.northernlightscc.org/)


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