Speaking Trip

I am heading out after church on Sunday on a journey to Bethany Bible College, where I will be speaking for their Holiness Advancement Week. Luke and Wes are coming along, which really makes it extra special.
Looking forward to seeing their beautiful, new chapel.

Please pray that God will use me to bless the students and encourage them to a deeper love and devotion to Christ.


Anonymous said…
IF you can Please say Hello to Ronnie Magazzu a Freshmen Student from My Church in NJ for me. Tell him Pastor Ed Torres said Hello. his first sermon last year was on Holiness -Lev 10:10 and used a simple math equation A + B = C
A if God is Holy
B and We are made in his image
C We can be Holy
Anonymous said…
It's called Transitive properties
Anonymous said…
Transitive Property of Equality is

If a = b and b = c
Then a = c
christy said…
We appreciated you sharing your heart with us here at Bethany Rev. Wilson - and know that many on this campus are truly thankful that you allowed the Holy Spirit to move through you. :)
The anointing service was incredible!

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