Great Rural Church Blog

I was delighted to discover Tennessee Rural Church. It's a great blog geared for rural Baptist congregations in Tennessee.

There are lots of interesting and helpful posts -- even if you're neither Baptist nor from Tennessee.


tnrural said…
Thanks for the link. I appreciate your blog. Loved the "Farved" post a few weeks back!
Anonymous said…
Thanks Mark for reference to this wonderful blog.

One statement really caught my eye... "10. We must become people who fellowship more around the Gospel than we do around the dinner table."

This one was so true it made me grin from ear to ear. But the dinner table would not be a bad place to start if outsiders/newcomers were invited to this dinner table. At our dying church, the few leaders refuse to eat with anyone outside their own little group. At the local restaurant they can watch a lonely poor elderly widow dining alone, and not one of them would ever consider asking her to join them.

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