Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It Froze Over!

For those who told me they will come to church "when hell freezes over." Well, it froze over! I'll see you next Sunday morning!
My friend, Keetha Broyles, a Hoosier who used to live in the northern tundra, has written a good piece at her blog, Eclectic Bits, on the common upnorth phrase, "Hayward, Hurley and Hell."
A couple of interesting tidbits along this line:
1. My good friend, Father Bill Green, was first stationed at Hurley. Then he was sent to Hayward. . . He retired a couple of years ago. . . and told me he's making his way to Heaven.
2. Another good friend, Andi Wittwer, pastors a church in the woods a little over an hour west of Hayward on Hwy. 77. She suggests that we shoot down the same road an hour east and start a baby church in Hurley. Wouldn't that be something??
Hayward, Hurley and Heaven!

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Anonymous said...

With this revelation of such a place being frozen over, then the Vikings should have also made it to and then won the Super Bowl - So maybe it is a forecast for 2010-11 season!