It Froze Over!

For those who told me they will come to church "when hell freezes over." Well, it froze over! I'll see you next Sunday morning!
My friend, Keetha Broyles, a Hoosier who used to live in the northern tundra, has written a good piece at her blog, Eclectic Bits, on the common upnorth phrase, "Hayward, Hurley and Hell."
A couple of interesting tidbits along this line:
1. My good friend, Father Bill Green, was first stationed at Hurley. Then he was sent to Hayward. . . He retired a couple of years ago. . . and told me he's making his way to Heaven.
2. Another good friend, Andi Wittwer, pastors a church in the woods a little over an hour west of Hayward on Hwy. 77. She suggests that we shoot down the same road an hour east and start a baby church in Hurley. Wouldn't that be something??
Hayward, Hurley and Heaven!


Anonymous said…
With this revelation of such a place being frozen over, then the Vikings should have also made it to and then won the Super Bowl - So maybe it is a forecast for 2010-11 season!

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