Glenn Beck on Social Justice

I beg you, look for the words "social justice" or "economic justice" on your church Web site. If you find it, run as fast as you can.
Social justice and economic justice, they are code words. Now, am I advising people to leave their church? Yes! If I'm going to Jeremiah's Wright's church? Yes! Leave your church.
Social justice and economic justice. They are code words. If you have a priest that is pushing social justice, go find another parish. Go alert your bishop and tell them, "Excuse me are you down with this whole social justice thing?"
I don't care what the church is. If it's my church, I'm alerting the church authorities: "Excuse me, what's this social justice thing?" And if they say, "Yeah, we're all in that social justice thing," I'm in the wrong place.
-- Glenn Beck, March 2, 2010 radio broadcast
I'm curious. What is your take Glenn Beck's statement?


Anonymous said…
Glenn Beck is a moron.
James Spaugh said…
Here's something that I found:

"Justice is about righting a wrong, defending the innocent and punishing the guilty. It is a commendable work but it is not Christian charity.

Charity is about generously and sacrifically helping, serving and providing for someone in need. The Good Samaritan did not stop to exercise “social justice” when he found the man wounded and robbed by thieves along the road in Jesus’ parable as recorded in Luke 10:30-37. He demonstrated compassion toward the victim of a crime, not because he was socially, ethnically or financially disadvantaged, but because he was simply a “neighbor” in need.

Furthermore, the Good Samaritan didn’t go after the thieves to recover the man’s belongings, avenge his abuse, have them arrested and start a traveler’s protection and possessions recovery program at the local synagogue because that’s not what Jesus was teaching His followers in the parable to do – nor was it the mission of His coming."

Read the full article at
(haven't read other articles at this site)
Anonymous said…
Statements such as this are not faith based. They are purely political. In America we have the right to practice whatever politics or religion we choose. God bless America!
Aaron Mullally said…
Glenn Beck is an extremest thinker with a centrist approach. He has his mind made up on his own beliefs but encourages people to do their own homework and research info themselves; which in today's entitlement society I guess that is becoming more extreme in it's own right.

The concept of social justice is to use man-made laws to provide equality in society by not segregating based on color, culture, sex etc. Social justice in it's own right will never work because of the natural order of life, there will always be hierarchies in society no matter what animal we are talking about, including humans. No man or woman is created equal, but we should be endowed with the rights to have equal opportunity to live successful and happy lives. There is some law that needs to be instated to allow this to happen but in the end human nature kicks in and the people writing the laws become overly greedy and use this for their own gain and not the greater good of society. The people who are making these laws are more powerful than those who have to follow them, and the weak will always have to suffer, unless they have faith and work hard to escape their troubles.

I believe Beck's statement was purely political and not theological and he does have a point. As one person said in response in America we can practice what we believe, and that's true because we have the right to do so. We do not however have the right to abuse our God given rights and powers for selfish gain, and that's what people like Jeremiah Wright, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and practically every politician of today do and we should separate ourselves from them. People like this don't care about faith in God but only themselves and what they can gain from society and by abusing their natural rights.
JustPassinItOn said…
So many of the responses here are taken from a sound byte, with no context or understanding the overview of Beck in general. This worked well for those with their predispositional emotional disdain of Beck from left leaning liberal thinkers including those favoring liberal theology, which really is an abomination to Christ, and the emergent church that throws what it doesn’t like of the real Gospel out the window. Also, many making comments have no idea, or skewed ideas, of socialism, Communism, and Marxism, and their relation. These are taught in such a dangerous way in higher education today in a manner making them look palatable and even acceptable, though a review of history shows they always fail.

Yes we are called to love others by helping them personally and as churches, but we don’t do that by the government taking our money and doing what they want with it instead of Christians being able to use what God has given to them to help others. Beck, regardless of his Mormonism or his mannerisms, that some dislike or even hate, is trying to warn people to be aware of what is going on and not to cuddle up to the big government nanny state mentality. That doesn’t seem like a crime or blasphemy to me.

This warning is good for a sleeping church…which seems many times, out of laziness, would just allow the government to continue to take what it wants as long as it thinks it will look after the people…by not being vigilant and realizing how much will be wasted and not get to the people in need because of it going to special interest groups of the government and governmental bureaucracy … this is not biblical at all. What Beck said is not meant to be theological but common sense. As far as I can see common sense and awareness are still okay to help us think. As well, when the Christians sold and shared everything together it was voluntary … nobody forced this or told them what to do with it!

The term “social justice” is a term that, depending on its context, can represent different things determined by how, why, and who is using it. Social justice was a term used in the past by Nazis, Communists, and Socialists which brings that context with it for those who remember. It is part of real history. Even though the term may be used in a different manner in some cases today, it is still utilized within its past definition. This past definition is still intact with some. Many churches and its parishioners utilize this term without its past definition whereas other churches/parishioners use this term in its past definition, especially those in liberal theology and the emergent church. These are those who have taken “social justice” out of biblical context and placed it in a government defined social context.

In my opinion, Beck just seems concerned that churches might be deceived into being pulled into this negative propagation of the term “social justice” as defined by Nazis, Communists, and Socialists. Millions have perished through this type of “social justice” that did and has encompassed a systematic extermination of millions. He is trying to warn them and everybody with a bone to pick with Beck are on the attack. Just simply take it with the intent that was meant whether you agree or not. I don’t agree with everything Beck says but when he or others take history, the present and common sense, with a concern for America and talks about them…it doesn’t hurt to listen.

For the church to keep from being misunderstood, the best thing to do is for churches to adopt another name for its social and spiritual care of people so the terms will not be merged, clouded or misinterpreted. It is unlikely those who use this term in a political manner will not change as they rely on hiding in words like this to make them palatable, so it is up to the church to change. How about “Christian compassion” in lieu of “social justice” as this is accurate terminology that they will resist because it contains the word “Christian”?

Take time to really think about it.
Anonymous said…
I have heard much worse things said by the preacher in my local church, and none of the leaders seemed to care or think about leaving. Many of our churches are practicing more corrupt things than social justice.
Anonymous said…
My former church is not practicing social justice. If it were, the leaders would not have told me I was not welcome in a church I had called home for over 50 years.
Anonymous said…
I do not believe in the teachings of Mormonism. This teaching is based on good works. Christianity is based on Jesus dying for our sins. Glenn Beck on salvation has missed the mark, but his quotes on Socialsim is correct. He is one person that will not be inline to embrace socialsim or social justice and especially a one world church. It takes alot of courage to stand up for what is right.
JustPassinItOn said…
I agree with what the last Anonymous said...

"I do not believe in the teachings of Mormonism. This teaching is based on good works. Christianity is based on Jesus dying for our sins. Glenn Beck on salvation has missed the mark, but his quotes on Socialism is correct. He is one person that will not be inline to embrace socialism or social justice and especially a one world church. It takes a lot of courage to stand up for what is right."
JustPassinItOn said…
Check this link ...
JustPassinItOn said…
Sorry link in previous post was wrong ... this is the correct one ...
Anonymous said…
Sure, Glenn may say things that when taken out of context sound a little obscure but if you really follow up on these comments and come back to the source as we all should before forming an absolute opinion.

If you really did listen to Glenn Beck you would understand what he means exactly.

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