A Great Opportunity for Losers


Maybe this teacher was just trying to train the young lady for the BK job.


Anonymous said…
Why would they advertise for losers? That is a horrible sign.
Mark O Wilson said…
They were advertising for "closers" but the "c" fell off
The teacher needs to rethink his comments on students' papers.
Anonymous said…
All kidding aside, it is time we quit enabling 'losers' and expect them to carry their own weight in this world.

'Losers' are usually too busy making up excuses to take advantage of any opportunity. They thrive on 'whining'.
Anonymous said…

Before I would judge any teacher's comment, I would want to know the entire history of this student-teacher relationship. We also know nothing about the mother-daughter realtionship.

Perhaps this teacher was the most positive force in this child's life. And he was trying to change not only the direction of this student but perhaps the direction of the student's family.
Born Loser said…
Thank you for the job lead
Anonymous said…
Born Loser,

I hope to give you an opportunity to serve me "with a smile."
As a teacher, I went and read the article. I didn't see anything there to justify calling a student a "loser." I know all about trying to motivate students to perform to their ability even when they don't think they do have ability. I can't think of a single scenario where calling them a "loser" would help or be appropriate.

Once we write something on a student's paper - - - it is there - - - embedded in their self-image forever.

So, I stand by my original comment - - - only I'll make it stronger to include myself - - - WE teachers need to think very carefully about what we write on students' papers, and how we write it.

That goes for our spoken words to them too.

And our attitudes.

It isn't an easy job - - - being a teacher - - -
Anonymous said…
Don't judge another until you've walked in their shoes for a mile.

Another teacher.
Anonymous said…
I've learned to be very skeptical of anything I read or hear, especially when so many seem to have a hidden agenda. I only believe half of what I actually see with my own eyes.

Just what is a reliable source?

Only those involved know the actual truth.
Mark O Wilson said…
Of course, this blog is the rare exception -- you can believe everything you read here :)
Anonymous said…
Info is only as good as your sources. That is why I like to check with 'my reliable source, God,' before making decisions based on what man has said or written.

Too many read an article and 'jump on the bandwagon' before they stop and consider the source.

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