The Missional Center

The plan for a Christ­ian church is much more than an as­so­ci­a­tion of con­gen­i­al friends who lis­ten once a week to an in­tel­lect­u­al dis­course and mus­ic­al en­ter­tain­ment and car­ry on by proxy a mech­a­nism of Christ­ian work.

But ra­ther, it is a church that can be at once:

1. The mo­ther and home of ev­e­ry form of help and bless­ing which Je­sus came to give to lost and suf­fer­ing people.

2. The birth­place and the home of souls

3. The foun­tain of heal­ing and cleans­ing.

4. The shel­ter­ing home for the or­phan and dis­tressed.

5. The school for the cul­ture and train­ing of God’s child­ren.

6. The ar­mory where they are equipped for the bat­tle of the Lord and the ar­my which fights those bat­tles in His name.

Such a cen­ter of pop­u­la­tion in this sad and sin­ful world!

-- A. B. Simpson, slightly edited from A Larger Christian Life


Anonymous said…
I received a greater blessing this morning while drinking my coffee and reading the local newspaper than attending Sunday service. An article on Lent really inspired and comforted me.

It was about several churches coming together and realizing they are ALL on the SAME MISSION.

All thoughts about different denominations were absent.

When will my denominational leaders get this?

Blessed in southern warmth.

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