Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Name the Dame Contest

My friend, Keetha Broyles, held a "Name the Grand Old Dame" contest on her delightful blog, The Eclectic Company.

Not only did her blog readers name the dame -- they also provided a poignant story about her and the place she lives -- Somewhere Special, USA.

Now, I just happen to recognize this old gal. She's a summer sidewalk resident of Main Street here in Hayward, Wisconsin, and that's "Someplace Special" alright!


  1. Oh what a LOVELY tribute to Lady Catherine Rose, "our" story, and your own real live Someplace Special!!!

    Thanks so much for giving me the shout out.

    Do you think ANY of your bloggy friends will visit? Will they let me know if they do???


  2. This little lady's name is "Edith" and lives on Main Street in Hayward, Wisconsin. She proudly flaunts her stuff at Sophie's Dog Bakery & Boutique and Splendid Things. She's quite a character and is actually looking for a man. Come and visit her!