Bubba and the Mission Fund Drive

A concerned Pastor Jones addressed the Missions Committee. "Folks, we have a big problem," he began, "Several of our members are not fulfilling their pledges to support the missionaries. Our fund is dangerously low, and I'm not sure what to do."

"I've got an idea," said Bubba, "How about if I write a letter in your name to all the people who haven't paid up. Surely, they will come around once they know how important it is."

"Why thank you, Bubba!" Pastor Jones replied, "I'll provide you a list of all the people who need the reminder, along with the stationary, envelopes, stamps."

Sure enough, a week later, the mission pledges started pouring in.

A personal note accompanied one contribution which read:

"Dear Pastor Jones,
Thank you for your passionate letter regarding the Mission Fund. My wife and I are very sorry that we have gotten behind on our giving to support missionaries. We apologize deeply, and you will find a check enclosed for the outstanding balance.
Bert Smith

p.s. For future reference, "dirty" on has only one "t" in it, and "skunk" is spelled with a "k."


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Whatever it takes

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