Monday, May 17, 2010

Don't Let Troubles Trouble You

Don't let troubles trouble you. Problems are opportunities in disguise!

Some of us are blessed with dozens of such opportunities. Perhaps you would like give a few of them to somebody else.

We shouldn't really think it's strange when trials come. That's merely a part of the human condition. Trouble comes to everybody. Jesus Christ, himself, said, "In this world, you WILL have tribulation."

The more responsibility you have, the more difficulty you will encounter. If your life is full of struggles, it means you are doing something right. A wise old bard once said, "You know when you are on the road to success -- it's uphill all the way!"

The other day I thought I would drive to a place in town where there were no troubles. I couldn't go to the hospital -- problems there. I couldn't go to the bank -- problems there. Couldn't go to church either -- problems there. The only place I could find where the people didn't have problems was Greenwood Cemetery! The only way you won't have problems is if you're pushing up daisies!

Problems, then, aren't really problems at all. They're just facts of life. Let's just roll up our sleeves and deal with them.

How do we overcome the troubles when they come, instead of allowing them to overwhelm us?

1. Change Your Vocabulary!
Instead of calling them "problems", why not try "challenges". Instead of marriage problems, you simply have a few marital challenges! Instead of a "problem child", you have a parenting challenge. Instead of 'trouble at work", you have a challenging job! Somehow, it feels better to call them challenges instead of problems. The new term adds a fresh dimension of hope.

2. Get on the Solution Side.
Problems have a tendency to suck us into a negative cycle, draining away our emotional energy and strength. The best course of action is to get on the solution side. Instead of focusing on the problem, start looking for the solution. Any pea brain can point out the things that are wrong. Being a fault-finder is no sign of intelligence. Here's my challenge -- rise above the ordinary! Ordinary people point out the problems. Extraordinary people find the answers! You can find the answer if you are persistent and keep on looking!

3. Consider the Faith Factor.
I.O. + A.G. = U.O. Translated: Impossible Odds plus Almighty God equals an Unbelievable Outcome!

God is bigger than any problem you have! When you have faith, the "tight place" opens into the "right place."

Beware the pathway that has no obstacles. It won't get you anywhere. Nobody has ever coasted to greater heights.

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