A summer visitor to our church wrote this poem about our church after her visit last June. She recently sent it to me, and it was truly an encouragement. Thanks Jeannie!


Take me to a country church
on a clear blue day in June
where smiling strangers shake your hand
overwhelm you with grace.

Let there be a young man
strumming on a guitar
his voice strong
and scrubbed clean.

Let there be children
small enough to fit
in the laps of their fathers
resting their heads on his chest.

Let there be truth
spoken plainly, gently
about simple devotion to a gracious God
mercy and peace pouring in waves.

Let joy fill the sanctuary
and overflow out of open windows
to where angels inhale the sweet aroma
and dance in the light.


Anonymous said…
That's beautiful
Anonymous said…
Isn't it wonderful that the visitor felt so welcome and wonderfully blessed at your church.

My prayer is that all churches not only make visitors but all attendees feel this way.

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