A Pastor's Job Description

1. Pray
2. Preach
3. Lead
4. Love

And not necessarily in that order.


David Wilson said…
That's as perfect a job description for the pastor's job as I have ever read Mark. Especially if you were to add "and all others duties not previously assigned." (smiling)

Had one of those days Wed that typify a smaller church pastor's service sometimes. Studied, called and checked on people, went to the ER and visited with a senior saint there, studied some more, helped cook supper for the fellowship meal, worked with the worship team, led prayer and Bible study, met with discipleship team, went home and collapsed.

So yes, the order may change, but the list is a good one.
Anonymous said…
1. Love
2. Pray
3. Lead
4. Preach
Anonymous said…

Enjoyed reading about your Wednesday. Have had several of those days myself.

Brought to mind an interview our church conducted with a propective pastor. He was more interested in listing all duties that were not in his 'job description'. Needless to say, his reign as pastor was not only short-lived, but also unsuccessful.

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