They Went A Fishing

Thirteen Baptists from Milwaukee were arrested last week here in the Hayward area, with 2,238 fish, mostly crappies, well beyond the bag limit of 15 each.

The Department of Natural Resources will now sponsor fish fries for various community organizations.

Some locals, close to the situation, have wondered, "What's up with these guys? Shouldn't a church group know better? How on earth could they disregard the laws so flagrantly?"

I wonder if maybe they were just trying to follow in the footsteps of St. Peter. He said, "I go a fishing" and the rest of the gang said, "we'll go a fishing too!"

1) Maybe they fished all night and then cast their nets on the other side of the boat.

2) Maybe they were trying to feed five thousand.

3) Maybe they were looking for the elusive fish with a golden coin in its belly.

One thing is clear. They're certainly going to "render unto Caesar, that which is Caesars."

I hope our Milwaukee Baptist brethren have learned a good lesson from this experience, and that they will redirect their fishing zeal to people. After all, souls don't have bag limits.


I bet they were taking them home for a church fish fry.

I've heard of similar things happening before - - - in fact, I KNOW someone to whom it happened. He was so embarrassed about it being in all the papers, he gave up fishing altogether.
Anonymous said…
Keetha ---- I guess that is the way it happens.

Do something good and no one says anything about it.

Do something wrong/illegal and every gossip ring, newpaper, TV/radio new show seems to know.

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