An Army of Ordinary People

Although I'm not a big "house church" proponant, I must say Felicity Dale's new book, An Army of Ordinary People is impressive.

For several years, Felicity and her husband Tony have been international leaders in the house church movement, and have helped many find a vibrant faith in Christ and meaningful fellowship. Their organization, House2House, provides valuable resources for those involved in these "simple churches."
According to George Barna, six to twelve million Americans attend such home fellowships, rather than traditional congregations.

An Army of Ordinary People shares the heartwarming stories of several individuals who opened their lives up to God's calling, and brought "the church" to their own unique context. Where two or three are gathered in Jesus' name, there's a church -- whether they meet in a house, a classroom, a coffee shop, or the workplace.

Pastors of "Legacy Churches" such as mine can certainly learn some valuable lessons from this movement if they keep it all in the right perspective. Just think what would happen if EVERY church member captured the concept of literally BEING the church rather than merely attending it.
Purchase Here (a complimentary copy of the book was provided to Revitalize Your Church for review by the author)


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