Keep Looking Up

Some people go through life looking down. Shuffling along the path, all they see is dirt.

They look down their nose at others, are constantly "down" on themselves, and see only the negative side of every situation. They're "down" on new ideas and seem to bring everybody else down with them.

Other people are in the habit of looking up! They see the sky with limitless opportunities.

They believe the best of others, possess a high degree of confidence, and make the most of each day. They focus on what's right rather than what's wrong.

The folks who go through life looking down are miserable. The ones who look up discover happiness in each day.

What is the difference? Nothing but attitude!

Our attitude towards life largely determines what we can accomplish. If you say "It can't be done", you won't do it. But if you say, "It CAN be done and I'm going to give it my best shot!", your chances of success increase greatly.

Many years ago, an anonymous poet captured this thought by saying:
If you would have some worthwhile plans,
You've got to watch your can'ts and cans;
You can't aim low and then rise high;
You can't succeed if you don't try;
You can't go wrong and come out right;
You can't love sin and walk in light;
You can't throw time and means away,
And live sublime from day to day.

William Makepeace Thackery said, "The world is a looking glass and gives back to everyone the reflection of his own face."


I'll be coming your way THREE Sundays this summer. Once with my sister and dad, and twice for our annual vacation.

Now you've been warned. ;-)
Mark O Wilson said…
Wonderful!! Before you know it, you and Greg will be up here all the time!
Oh, wouldn't that be WONDERFUL!?!

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