To Syracuse and Beyond

Had a wonderful trip to central New York this past weekend, where I spoke at the Intersect Conference in Painted Post on Saturday, and preached at Lyncourt Wesleyan Church in Syracuse on Sunday.

It was a joy to be hosted by my friends, District Superintendent Wayne and Deb Wager along with Wayne Jr., who pastors the Lyncourt Church. I was also delighted to see some old Wisconsin friends, students from FLAME, my buddy, Steve McEuen, and several of our Burmese brothers and sisters in Syracuse and Utica, especially their leaders, Pastor Than and Dr.Thuam, who leads the Burmese Bible Institue.

Our brothers and sisters in central New York are doing an outstanding job ministering to the Burmese refugees, and training them for ministry and mission.

Other highlights of the trip included visiting the grave of my hero, early Wesleyan leader, Adam Crooks at Oakwood Cemetery, climbing a bell tower and playing a pipe organ in an old cathedral, searching out the spot where the Wesleyan Church began, visiting the stadium at Syracuse University, and lunching at "The Mission" (the old downtown abolitionist Wesleyan Church that harbored runaway slaves and in recent years has been transformed into a Mexican restaurant.)


Anonymous said…
Isn't it wonderful to visit historic places (the old downtown abolitionis Wesleyan Church that harbored runaway slaves)and think about the individuals in history who were willing to risk their lives for others. They actually stood for something.

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