The Greatest Event in Human History

On July 29 1971, James Irwin accomplished something extraordinary, which hardly anybody in history in history has ever done. Every little boy and girl dreams of it – but very, very, few have actually experienced it.

Care to venture a guess as to what James Irwin did that day? He was the first guy to drive on the moon! I remember, as a child, watching it on black and white television, although I also recall fidgeting a lot. It took a loooong time before the action started.

As the commander of Apollo 15, Irwin had the privilege blasting off to the moon and driving the first Lunar Rover – sort of like a four wheel drive dune buggy. Va-room!

Can you imagine what that must have been like? No traffic jams! No parking problems on Main Street! No stop signs! No pesky pedestrians! No patrol officers! It must have been a blast! Someday, they’ll probably dub Jim Irwin the “Patron Saint of Four Wheelers.”

While on that historic mission, Irwin said that he had never felt so close to God. Experiencing the magnitude and grandeur of creation was a deeply spiritual experience for him.

After they had landed on the moon, and he actually walked on it, he thought, “This is absolutely amazing! It has got to be the greatest event in human history – a man walking on the moon!”

But then, God’s quiet voice spoke to his heart and said, “No, Jim, you’re wrong. This is a great accomplishment – but I did something even better a long time ago! I walked on the earth!”

Irwin returned from his trip so deeply impacted by this spiritual encounter, that he spent the rest of his days (the next 20 years) serving as a minister of the Gospel. His greatest desire was to tell everybody everywhere that there really is a God and he cared enough to walk among us!

And that, my friend is the greatest story the world has ever heard: there is a God and He cares enough to walk among us.

It’s a true story. . .
a powerful story;
a life bringing story;
a hope filling story;

This story is the reason why all the churches in Hayward open up their doors to worship every weekend. It’s why we can find hope in the midst of suffering and comfort in the face of death. This story provides our secret for joy, peace and inner strength. “The Word became flesh and walked among us.”

“For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” (John 3:16)


I too watched this on a little B & W TV

In the dining hall.

At Burr Camp.

During Family camp. Along with everyone else who was at camp.

True dat!

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