Rushing Mighty Wind

Yesterday morning, tornado-like winds swept through our community, snapping trees like toothpicks. We lost a lot of trees, and our house sustained some damage, but fortunately, nobody was harmed. My friends, Pat and Terry Cross took this photo while we were clearing debris.
We hauled away seventeen truckloads before the day was through.
Our house used to be nestled away behind a protective grove of trees. Now, as you can see in the photo, we now have a clear view -- all the way to the church (1/2 mile away.)
Ironically, the only tree in the line left standing tall was a dead Charlie Brown jack pine! Another funny thing is that our pop-up camper in the side yard was totally unscathed.
Next time the warning comes, we'll run to the camper!
Channel Six News interviewed Cathy and me. Cathy did beautifully. I felt like Mr. Magoo -- but here's link to the news report.
Puts a new perspective on Acts 2, when it speaks about the Holy Spirit coming as a rushing mighty wind!


We drove by yesterday after the clean up had begun - - - I'll be making a post about it at my place later today.

So glad you are all OK.

I've been in our pop up when the winds hit - - - not fun, btw.
Anonymous said…
I drove by about 5pm and saw the parishioners cleaning up your yard with their trucks and trailers. If you have ever wondered about the character of your congregation, they were just validated by deed yesterday! You lead a great church Mark!
Anonymous said…
Actions speak louder than words!

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