It's Been a Great 28

28 years ago, Cathy and I were joined in holy matrimony. As I stood, shaking at the altar before my lovely bride, I thought I could never possibly love her more than I did at that moment.

Well, I was wrong. I love her far more now than I did back then.

Our love is far deeper, richer, fuller, and stronger than it was on our wedding day. She is also more beautiful now than the day she first captured my heart.

When you process it right, a lot of livin' brings a lot of lovin'.

We're celebrating by going to a little hideaway cabin nestled in the woods.

I am such a lucky guy.


Joy Ziegler said…
What an incredible example of love! Thank you for sticking it out in the hard times. For working through the disagreements and most of all for choosing LOVE. We celebrate with you on this very special day!! Enjoy your little get-away!
You both look GREAT!

Congratulations. You'll have to "run" to catch us at 35.
Anonymous said…
Congratulations to the newlyweds! Hope you make at least 57 years like some of us old-timers.

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