Saturday, August 14, 2010

Missional Dog Bakery

I'm conducting a blessing of the pets at 1:00 p.m. today at Sophie's Dog Bakery on Main Street.

In recent years, Jan and Bob, the shop owners, have come into a rich and vibrant faith, deeply desiring to bring blessing to others.

So, in conjunction with some other special events occurring this weekend, Jan came up with the splendid idea of blessing the pets.

When first approached about it, I'm embarrassed to admit, I tried to pawn 'em off on the Episcopalians. Those guys are the "Pet Blessing Pro's. Fortunately, Father Art was unavailable, so the responsibility bounced back to me. I'm glad it did!

The way I see it, this is much bigger than a pet blessing. It's primarily a Pet OWNER blessing!

When people meet my dog, Vin, and love him, I feel like they're loving me too. Blessing pets means blessing those who love them.

It's a blessing for Jan and Bob. They felt led to go through this door, and went for it. They even put their neck on the line and advertised it. The blessing they're providing for others will come back to them multiplied.

I must say, It's a blessing for me, too. As I've never officiated a pet blessing, this is way outside of my ceremonial comfort zone of hatching, matching and dispatching, but it's a good stretch!

I just hope nobody brings a pet porcupine.


  1. Anonymous10:16 AM

    Congratulations Mark. This is a definite right step in your ministry. We will all be judged by the way we have treated God's creatures here on Earth.

    Just read again, "Room For All" in the January 2008 Guideposts.

  2. Hello brother!
    Very interesting this blessing of the animals, I often prayed for my pets and
    God blessed them, believe in a loving God who rejoices when we take care of with love He has given us, including our pets. God bless your ministry!