Missional Living in Northern Rural America

I swiped this from a great post at TN Rural Church, called "Missional Living in Southern Rural America."

The same truths apply up north too -- so I switched the word "southern" to "northern" and am passing it on to you:

1. Northern Rural Churches must see themselves within the context of a vast mission field.

2. Northern Rural Churches must see themselves as missionaries (not just church members) within their own rural context.

3. Northern Rural Churches must begin to see the growing lostness that exists in their very churched culture. The assumption that most people are saved is just wrong. Many have been exposed to the Gospel, but have not yet made decisions for Christ.

4. Northern Rural Churches must figure out how to invest their resources (buildings, dollars, people, spiritual gifts, etc) incarnationally.

5. Northern Rural Churches must get past their “smallness” and realize thier potential in Kingdom Work. We, by and large, are small. Get over it and get at it! We have vital Kingdom work to carry out.

6. Northern Rural Churches must adapt to their ever-changing context. If you will open your eyes you will see that there is more “city” in the “country” than we would ever care to admit.


Karl Evans said…
Mark, I agree so much with your posts and thought. I write a lot of support pieces for the small and rural church. It is a specialized need, but getting pastors who are eager to lift these churches is quite difficult.
I hope you will visit my Amazon page to note my attempts at supporting you and yours. http://www.Amazon.com/-/e//B001KH6LLE or http://www.karlevans.org
Thanks for the lift.
Anonymous said…
Great points. I agree with Karl. It is difficult to get pastors who are eager and willing.

Too many see themselves as leaders of mega churches.

We all must get over the idea that we are small. No one is small in God's eyes.

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