Space in Togetherness

Yesterday, at the lovely wedding of Jeff and Jennifer Cvengros, the bride's father, Frank, shared something the preacher said during a marriage ceremony several decades ago.

I found that quite astounding, as I've operated under the assumption that nobody ever remembers anything a minister says during the ceremony, except, "You may kiss the bride."

Frank's observation struck me so much, I figured out a way to weave it into yesterday's wedding. Perhaps it will stick with somone!

"In wedded life, you need space in your togetherness."


Anonymous said…
How about together in spaciness?
LOL anonymous!

Do you know us???? 'Cause that describes Fisherhubby and me to a tee!
Anonymous said…
Nothing means more to me than my hubby's willingness to give me the space to just be me. We are all individuals.

Some people can physically be in the same space 24/7 and never actually know true togetherness. Sometimes this need to constantly be together is a form of control.

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