What is Christian?

Rightly understood, “Christian” is not a philosophy or a world view. It is not an adjective to make books, music, and movies more palatable. It is not a political leaning, a Kincade painting, a method of counseling or default birthright. Instead, it is simply the description of a person living in the fullness of Christ’s holy presence.


Are you "quotin'" here, or did this brilliance come directly from yourself????
Anonymous said…
Unfortunately, Christian now does mean a political leaning, default birthright, an adjective grossly overused, a philosophy, a world view. So many unjust acts are done in the name of religion and Christianity is one of these.

The word Christian has become an object to throw around when it is to one's convenience or excuse for doing the unjust while making oneself feel righteous.
Mark O Wilson said…
Yah -- that one came from my own brain, while writing a chapter for my book last Thursday. I was actually surprised when it came out.

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