Bouncing Like Tigger

"I'm Tigger!" little Suzie shouted as she jumped up and down in the back seat of the car. Her frazzled mother repeatedly asked her to stop bouncing. "Be a nice little Tigger and sit down."

"Precious, Mommy wants you to stop being so active right now. Be a good girl and buckle up!"

“Sweetheart, this is getting on Mommy's nerves!"

Finally, realizing that her requests had fallen on deaf ears, Mother pulled to the curb and screeched to a halt. "This is IT!" she shouted, "I've had ENOUGH! If you don't sit down and start behaving this minute, you are going to regret it, young lady!" Instantly, the little girl stopped bouncing and settled down.

"That's much better." Said Mother.

As the car pulled from the curb, Susie muttered under her breath, "I may be sitting down on the outside, but I'm bouncing like Tigger on the inside!"

As a minister, I have witnessed the tragic results of destructive choices and bad habits. Over the years, I've preached plenty of "behavioral" sermons on a wide variety of topics such as stealing, dishonesty, adultery, addictions, unforgiveness, gossip, greed, grumbling and the like.

Yet, although most folks would agree that these vices should be eliminated from their lives, I've discovered that few actually rise up and gain victory over them. There's a vicious pattern of struggle and failure.

Try to behave - fail - feel bad - determine to do better.
Try to behave - fail - feel bad - determine to do better.
Try to behave - fail - feel bad - determine to do better.

Many people think that if they continue this cycle long enough, sooner or later, they'll be able to live right. There's a big problem with this viewpoint - As long as you're stuck in the mud, you won't go anywhere by pushing the gas pedal to the floor - You'll just spin your wheels and throw mud!

The bottom line issue? Even when we're trying to "sit down" on the outside, we're still "standing up" on the inside. There's something "Tiggerish" that rises up within us and knocks us off course.
The answer? If you want to get out of the rut and experience genuine life change, you need to change from the inside out. . . Only God can do that!

"His power can make you what you ought to be. His blood can cleanse your heart and set you free. His love will fill your soul and you will see, twas best for him to have his way with thee."

When we figure out the "becoming", the "behaving" will flow naturally.


Anonymous said…
Wonderful, Wonderful!!!

For many, many years I have watched church-goers try to mimic the actions of others in their peer group. It never works because the hearts have not changed. The real heart-break is when the leaders' hearts are bad, and they are telling the followers what actions to mimic.

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