Cliff Falls

"It's one thing to believe in something when you don't need it to be true. It's another when everything is riding on it."

I just finished a fabulous novel, Cliff Falls, by C. B. Shiepe.

This page turner revolves around exploited child television star, Clay Grant, who disappears on his eighteenth birthday after an arson fire destroys the Hollywood studio backlot, and spends the next fifteen years on the run, hounded by the media. He goes from place to place trying to fit in, until he is discovered again.

He eventually lands in jail, after a fight with an aggressive, determined photographer, and brought up on charges of tax evasion.

A kind minister who knew him during his television days, comes to the rescue, bailing him out of his plight, and offering a new start in the small town of Cliff Falls.

The plot thickens after his arrival, however, as the pastor's own family members are forced to face their own need to drop the mask and be real.

Cliff Falls draws the reader to significant personal reflection through several thought provoking moments It's particularly good read for those who feel trapped by the expectations of others or obligated to fulfill a role.

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O.k..this sounds like a fun book that I need to read!!
C.B. said…
Thanks for the great review! I really enjoyed it! - C. B.

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