How to Discover Your Unique Purpose

1. Look to Your Garden -- your current reality.  How can you best reflect God's glory in your particular situation?

2.  Look to Your Struggle --  What has been your greatest difficulty?  What has been the hardest thing you've ever faced?  How has God helped you?  This is where He wants to send you.  Mending for Sending!

3.  Look to Your Delight --  What do you love?  When are you most alive?  How can you use what delights you most to bring delight to God and others?

4.  Look to Your Heartbreak  --  What makes breaks your heart and makes you cry?  Your calling is in there somewhere.  As Bob Pierce said, "Let my heart be broken by the things that break the heart of God."

5.  Look to Your Dream  --  What are your hopes for the future?  What is your dream?  You're never too old to have a dream.  If your dream seems out of reach, how do you get there?  Jump!  Not just one leap -- but litle hops.  You get there one little hop at a time.

Three Questions to Help You Clarify Your Unique Calling:
1.  What do my inspiring friends say?
2.  What would great faith have me do?
3.  What does love compel me to do?


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