World Class

My dear friend, Ed Kleinhammer, is one the world's finest trombonists.  Retiring after 45 years with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, he moved up to Hayward -- and is now a member of my congregation.

Ed is a first class gentleman.  He is one of the most gracious, loving and encouraging people I've ever met. 

The senior saints group here at Hayward Wesleyan Church, don't really see Ed as a living legend (although he was declared so by Utica College.)  They just just know him as the delightful, kind-hearted man who makes the coffee.

In Mastering the Trombone, an the instruction book he wrote along with Douglas Yeo (of Boston Symphony Orchestra), Ed said:

"World class trombonists do not just happen. Their talents are forged in the dual furnaces of determination and diligence."

Right on!  And this isn't just about trombones.  It applies to "world class" anything. . .


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