Myanmar Christian Fellowship Anniversary

Congratulations to Myanmar Christian Fellowship of Milwaukee, who celebrated their one year anniversay last Sunday!

In August of 2009, by divine appointment, I gave Dr. Thuam Khai a ride from Indiana to O'Hare Airport in Chicago.  Journeying together, he shared his vision of organizing a small group of Burmese refugees in Milwaukee into a Wesleyan Church.

Returning home, I contacted our District Superintendent, Dan Bickel, who  immediately followed through and helped launch the work under the fine leadership of Dr. Khai and Rev. Richard Concklin (who doesn't know the Burmese language, but certainly loves the people, and makes his point through an interpreter.)

I was honored to visit the Burmese Bible College in Syracuse, New York last spring, and to share a meal with the dear brothers and sisters who "mothered" our Burmese work in Wisconsin.  It's truly extraordinary and apostolic.


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