On This Day in Christian History

Recently, I found a preacher's gold mine --  Robert J. Morgan's On This Day in Christian History.

It's a compilation of inspiring faith stories from Christian history presented as daily devotionals.

When I teach Church History courses, I always launch the first session with "Without the 'story', history is just 'hiss.'  In high school and college, teachers often missed the point, taking us from "hiss" to "hiss" without engaging in the story.

On This Day in Christian History is a collection of stories with no "hiss'!

Drawing from multiple wells (Catholic, Evangelical, Holiness, Fundamentalist, Pentecostal, Lutheran, Missionaries, Monastaries and Seminaries) Morgan presents biographical sketches of saints and spiritual heroes who stand as models of sacrifice, love, courage, faith and Christian character.

Several of his tales made me want to dig deeper, to learn more (a great source for that is Google Books)

It's an outstanding guide for history buffs like me, and a great resource for sermon illustrations.


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