Stress Busters

Just in case you're in the "pressure cooker", here are a few stress busters. Take one or two as needed.
1) You can accomplish big things only when you can say "no" to little things.
2) When you've done all you can -- let it go.
3) Not much is worth worrying about. Worry selectively.
4) It’s not what you do, but what doesn’t get done that drains you.
5) An ounce of action is worth a ton of worry.
6) Most of the things we worry about never come true.
7) Live on purpose! Set priorities and use them to chart your course.
8) God is bigger than any problem you have.
9) It's not the big job, but the little worries that drain our energy.
10) Refuse to allow fear to direct your life.
11) Relax. Don't sweat the small stuff.
12) Problems will come. You can't avoid them. The real you "shows through" when the pressure is on.
13) Life goes on.
14) Look for the joyful surprises -- the postcards from heaven -- in every day. They are there, but you must search for them.
15) Few things are worth fighting over. Keep the peace whenever possible.
16) Take a deep breath and realize how fortunate you are to be alive.
17) Stop putting it off until tomorrow. Do it today.
18) Lend a helping hand to others and you will end up helping yourself.


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