Which Did God Believe?

A little girl listened intently as her father asked the blessing as usual for the morning meal. He thanked the Lord for the things God had so bountifully provided. Immediately after praying, however, he began to complain. He grumbled about the hard times. He griped about the quality of the food. He criticized the way it had been cooked.

Finally, the little girl interrupted him. “Daddy, do you suppose God heard what you said a little while ago when you prayed such a nice prayer?”

“Certainly.” Her father lifted his chin with the confident air of one who possesses superior knowledge.

“Do you think he also heard what you said about the bacon and the coffee?”

He stopped chewing and paused, with fork in mid-air between his plate and his mouth. He stared at his daughter as if trying to read her mind. He dropped his gaze and cleared his throat. “Yes, of course, he did.”

“Then, Daddy, which did God believe?”

(HT Ron McClung)



(from your fellow Wisconsin resident)

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