Your Secret Name

Kary Oberbrunner has written a new book called Your Secret Name.  (I discovered this via an interview with Ed Stetzer.)

You have three names, Oberbrunner asserts:
1.  Birth Name -- The name assigned to you when you arrived in this world.
2.  Given Name --  The names you inherit while walking in this world.
3.  Secret Name -- The name granted to you by the one who made you.

Now, ready for a treasure?   Here's a powerful little test on the Secret Name website, which gives clarity to the names you've inherited -- and what God's secret name for you might be.  Awesome stuff!!


Anonymous said…
Interesting that this talks about a subject I was taught in the traditional way of the Ojibwe...I had four names in my life: my child name in English (Tiffiny), my child name in Ojibwe, Atik (caribou), and my adult name in Ojibwe, Gitigaabineshikwe (chickadee) which was given to me when I turned from a girl into a woman. All are VERY important and very meaningful to me!
Anonymous said…
Sorry, I meant THREE names! :)

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