Monday, December 20, 2010

Jesus Manifesto

As a senior pastor, I read a lot, and have tons of books in my library. Books to a pastor are like hammers to a carpenter: valuable tools.

I appreciate most of what I read, and normally glean a tidbit or two from each.

Rarely, however, does a book capture my heart in such a way that it recalibrates how I do ministry.

Jesus Manifesto, by Leonard Sweet and Frank Viola is such a book. It so it is no small thing when I say that it ranks among the five best books I've ever read, and I believe every pastor needs to hear this message.

Clearly, simply, yet profoundly, they capture the essence of what life and ministry should be about: Jesus alone.

How quickly we fall away and focus on lesser things, when only ONE thing is needful. This book brings us back to our first love.

I was so deeply moved by Jesus Manifesto, I purchased a copy for my entire pastoral staff, and was inspired to launch a year-long sermon focus in 2011 on Jesus.

Thank you, Leonard and Frank, for sounding this clarion call. We desperately need it.


John S Wilson III said...

Awesome! Would highly recommend reading some of Frank Viola's works, especially From Eternity to Here.

Dave Quinn said...

Hi Mark, I read that several months ago. I agree with what you said completely about life and ministry. It really re-focussed my mind and heart on Christ and Christ alone. God Bless, Dave