Jesus Manifesto

As a senior pastor, I read a lot, and have tons of books in my library. Books to a pastor are like hammers to a carpenter: valuable tools.

I appreciate most of what I read, and normally glean a tidbit or two from each.

Rarely, however, does a book capture my heart in such a way that it recalibrates how I do ministry.

Jesus Manifesto, by Leonard Sweet and Frank Viola is such a book. It so it is no small thing when I say that it ranks among the five best books I've ever read, and I believe every pastor needs to hear this message.

Clearly, simply, yet profoundly, they capture the essence of what life and ministry should be about: Jesus alone.

How quickly we fall away and focus on lesser things, when only ONE thing is needful. This book brings us back to our first love.

I was so deeply moved by Jesus Manifesto, I purchased a copy for my entire pastoral staff, and was inspired to launch a year-long sermon focus in 2011 on Jesus.

Thank you, Leonard and Frank, for sounding this clarion call. We desperately need it.


Awesome! Would highly recommend reading some of Frank Viola's works, especially From Eternity to Here.
Dave Quinn said…
Hi Mark, I read that several months ago. I agree with what you said completely about life and ministry. It really re-focussed my mind and heart on Christ and Christ alone. God Bless, Dave

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