The Truth of the Matter

The Truth of the Matterby Andrew Klavan, is a great action-packed adventure geared to young men (and since I loved the book, I'd like to pretend I qualify.)

In a clandestine mission to thwart a terrorist plot, Charlie West, age 18, escapes from prison after being falsely arrested for a murder he didn't commit.  The events of an entire year has been wiped from Charlie's memory, and this story captures his desperate quest to understand what happened.  Not only is Charlie on the run from the law, but also a brutal terrorist group, The Homelanders, who intend to assassinate him.

Throughout the fast-paced tale, there are several profound insights on life and faith shared by our hero, who is wise far beyond his years (It helps to have the author on his side!)

The Truth of the Matter, the third book in the Homelanders Series, is sort of a blend of Jason Bourne, the Hardy Boys, and Danny Orlis (the Christian young adult sleuth from the 60's.)

I've passed along to my son, Luke and Wes, who are eager to read it too.  Purchase Here.

(A complimentary copy of this book was provided to me via Thomas Nelson's Booksneeze.)


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