Post Emurgency Conference Interview

I was privileged to join a few brothers in discussing Christian Smith's fascinating presentation on Emerging Adults.


Rev. Renee Leslie said…
THANK YOU!!!!While I was not at The Gathering, I have deduced from this interview that one key to "Emerging Adults" is to connect with the parents of our young people & children. I have been "preaching" this for many years now and spend close to 50% of my time, energy, etc. as a Children's Pastor in reaching & teaching, counseling & guiding, building up & plugging in our parents (or in some cases, grandparents). Kids NEED Godly MEN and women in their everyday lives (note emphasis on "men") more so than any program, event or lesson than I can offer. Way too many children & teens have either: poor parental figure(s) or no parental figure(s)in their lives, let alone Godly ones. The church can and should "be there" for these, but we also can and should seek after their parents who are "lost" for the sake of the family; for the sake & furtherance of the Kingdom!

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