As I head to the Wesleyan Pastors' Gathering in Jacksonville today, this is my prayer:

"Make me a sponge., O Lord.  Submerge me deep in the blessing bucket, that I make emerge overflowing with blessing for others."


Tom said…
Greetings Mark!

Just finished reading your "Leadership" article on ministering in a small town ~ you've described our ministry exactly! We moved to a northwest Iowa town of 3,000 after being in the Twin Cities for 17 years. During our first week in town it took me 40 min to buy a gallon of milk at our store - everybody knew me and wanted to say hi. Now that we've been here 8 years we definitely feel there are more blessings than burdens.

Kudos! and many blessings!

Read your article in Leadership Journal.net today...thanks for the encouragement - I know all of that to be true (having grown up in the UP - actually, I was born in Spooner and lived in Hayward for a few months of my life), but needed the encouragement to really begin praying about my future...I've been a worship pastor in larger churches for about 20 years, but now am wondering if God wants me to "go back to my roots" and pastor a small, rural church. I'm excited, tho admittedly sometimes fearful, about the process - but your article was a positive reminder of much that I knew to be true. Thanks, Mark. Sincerely, Dale Pierce

PS: My grandfather pastored a Wesleyan church in Cable MANY years ago...
Rezzie said…
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Rezzie said…
I just finished reading your article BIG FISH & SMALL TOWNS, it has impacted me in another way as in going up into the next level of my Christian Faith and walk with the Lord, to be expectant to many changes and different situations which is far beyond I can ever think of or imagine. After reading your article, I became more confident knowing that God is in control of everything and it makes me more "still".
Thank you so much for sharing this.....


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