Youth Groups Destroy Children's Lives

Thia statement from David Fitch is definitely overblown -- but his post gives us some good food for thought.

Youth groups have literally saved countless lives -- and this should never be discounted.  A week ago, at the Wesleyan Pastor's Gathering in Jacksonville, I ran into Jaye, who was in my first youth group.

She joined our group as a Junior Higher, upon the invitation from her best friend.  She gave her life to Christ, and is now serving faithfully in ministry, beside her husband, Brian.

Brian and Jaye introduced me to another young lady, who was a teenager in their youth group.  When she grew up, she married a youth pastor too!  All of us were standing together in a circle at the ministers' conference -- and I felt like a proud grandpa!


Anonymous said…
Depends on the quality of the youth group. Especially on the 'hearts' of the leaders of the youth group.
Anonymous said…
I for one think Youth Groups are wonderful, but I agree it has a lot to with the "hearts" of the leaders of the youth group. I enjoyed my youth group experience and to this day, without mentioning age, my youth pastor is still a Pastor/friend/counselor to me.

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