How to Resolve Wisconsin's Government Worker Crisis

Here's my suggestion for resolving the Wisconsin Government Worker crisis:  A Centrist Task Force.

This Task Force should be composed of:

1)  a half dozen Republican Teachers.
2)  a half dozen Democrat Small Business Owners
3)  a half dozen other Wise Citizens who can understand both sides, and don't have an agenda.

Put these people in a room together, give them all the information they need, let them make the decision -- and then live with it.


Anonymous said…
Good luck finding one person without an agenda, let alone six. - Steve McVey
Keetha Broyles said…
I like your suggestion very much.

OH my - - - this certainly is a HOT TOPIC right now, isn't it? It even invaded my "lovely dinner party" that I THOUGHT I was hosting just for fun Friday night!

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