The Man Who Saved the Packers

Sportswriter Robert S. Lyons wrote a wonderful Philadelphia Inquirer article about how the Green Bay Packer franchise was saved by Bert Bell:  The Man who Saved the Packers.

As NFL commissioner, Bell was pressured by a number of team owners to either "straighten out" the failing Packers or "throw them out" of the league. 

It would have been easier to put the Packers out of their misery by sending them the way of the Duluth Eskimos and Canton Bulldogs.

I'm glad Bell believed in the Packers enough to choose the "straighten them out" approach.

Lambeau Field stands today as a tribute to the man who cared enough to step into a messy situation and help them find a redemptive path.

Makes me think of church ministry. 

Isn't it better to straighten them out than kick them out?.


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