Your Golden Opportunity

Today is a golden opportunity -- make it count for something!
If your minutes were dollars, would that make a difference in how you spend them? For instance, would you spend $30 of time on the latest sitcom? Would you plunk down $120 for two hours of video games? Would it make a difference in how much time you spend just "shooting the breeze"?

Actually, time is even more important than money. Every second is precious, and only here for a moment. Then, it vanishes and we never have it again.

Once a schoolteacher brought three candles to her class: a tall, new, candle, a medium candle, and a very short one. "These three candles represent people," she explained, "One is the grandfather, one is the father, and one is the son. Do you know which is which?"

All of the students picked the tallest candle for the grandfather and the shortest for the son. "You are wrong!", the teacher proclaimed, "for the shortest candle has already spent most of its life and the taller candle has just begun."

If your life was measured by a candle, how much do you suppose is left? What are you going to do with what you have left? How are you going to invest the rest of your life?

Here are a few helpful hints as you consider these important issues:

1. Each day is a gift from our Creator.
We should never take our days for granted. This could be your last day on this earth. If you knew that you would be gone tomorrow, would that make any difference in how you live today?

2. Learn something new every day.
There is much to explore and learn in our world. It's almost a crime to allow a day to go by without learning something.

3. Try to make a difference.
What can you to today, this week or this month, to make a real difference? God is allowing you to take up space on His earth for a reason. Have your discovered why you are here?

4. Don't let the little things bog you down.
Life is too short to be sidetracked by pettiness, resentments, and annoyances. Keep your eyes on the main thing.

5. Allow thankfulness to permeate your heart.
Every night, before you go to sleep, it's a great idea to pause and thankfully reflect on the day's experiences and the gift of life.

6. Express your love and appreciation often.
We really do need each other.


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