Guy Kawasaki, the groundbreaking social network entrepeneur (i.e. founder of Alltop), has recently written a marvelous book called Enchantment.   I was privileged to receive a complimentary preview copy before it hit the bookstores -- and just received word that it has made the New York Times bestseller list!

It's sort of an organizational "How to Win Friends and Influence People" for people doing business in this digital age.

The book's basic theme is that we need to win people relationally, if they are going to join with us.  Guy then gives tons of practical insights on developing positive winsomeness.

I really appreciate Guy's user friendly and down to earth persective, which applies well to any organization or business, including churches and other non-profits.

I suppose you could call it a handy guide for common sense and being likeable.  Good stuff, and I know a few of people who could definitely use that!

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Keetha Broyles said…
I just saw on my computer weather bug that "they" are calling for you to get between 10 and 14 inches of SNOW between tomorrow and Wednesday - - - can this be SO???

Please just don't let it ALL melt at once - - - our rivers down here in THESE HERE WOODS are getting up to their banks and threatening to GO OVER.

We do have a wintry mix in our forecast for the next two days.

What about our BADGERS???? Sweet Sixteen! Wooot

But now we have to face last year's "darling" Butler.

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