Lonliness of Pastoring

The Lonliness of Pastoring is an insightful post by Mark Roberts.  I encourage you to stop right now, and pray for three pastors specifically.  Pray for encouragement and strength -- that they might serve the Lord with gladness and a full heart.


Anonymous said…
I'll stay annonyms on this one, but I want Pastors to know that they aren't alone, their are even people around them who deal with the same lonliness. Their are Pastors I care very much about, they've helped my through tough times, I deal with depression a lot, I've always come through it, but Pastors need to know those very people (like me) who have turned to them for help when I was depressed, they can turn to me as well, because I so understand the loneliness that goes with depression. As a matter of fact I wish Pastors would admit it, it makes me feel better that even an ordained pastor can have these feelings, it helps me to know I can be a good Christian and God won't think of me as a failure because I deal with depression. I love all the Pastors I've known. And if they new who they are I'd be happy to be a listening ear and support person for them as well. Depression= Lonliness. But the next day will get better.
Nellie Dee said…
My labored prayers over the past two days indeed include the church and shepherds thereof. May the power of the Living God give you strength and encouragement.
Funny that we should find it so strange to feel so worn out in these days. Daniel 7:25 specifically uses the word "persecute" meaning "to wear out".
Truly, the enemies days are numbered and we will rise in all glorious splendor.
Be encouraged Pastor Mark, Pastor Heath, Pastor Ben, Pastor Tim, Pastor Jeremy. Be empowered with renewed strength, zeal and anointing!

Anonymous said…

I am so thankful you had pastors to help you through your tough times. Being lonely is a horrible feeling. I pray constantly for those who are alone with no one to care, not even a pastor.
Anonymous said…
Sometimes pastors don't reach out to lonely people. I knew a person dealing with cancer--several pastors knew of it, but not a one called the person, sent a card, or offered words of encouragement. One did ask how the person was doing when he happened to see the patient out and about. Sad to think about.

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