They Taste Like Chicken

Nard Pugyao, of Wycliffe Associates, has been the speaker this week during our Missions emphasis.  He is a delightful, godly man -- raised in a remote jungle village in the Philippines.

He told us that he is the direct fruit of missionary efforts. 

"If missionaries had not come, I would not be here today," he declared.  Ralph and Carene Jacobson, of our congregation, were among the missionaries who influenced Nard significantly during his growing up years.

Through Ralph's encouragement, Nard became a missionary pilot -- and was privileged to be the first person to bring the Bible to his people in their own heart language.

Last night, we concluded the service with Nard speaking a prayer of blessing and thanksgiving over Ralph and Carene.  It was touching.

His message was a great reminder to us of the importance of supporting missionaries around the world.

Nard's ancestors were headhunters -- so he brought a unique perspective.

"When the first white man came into our village, we didn't know what to do with him," Nard said, "Maybe we should eat him!  After all, white men taste like chicken!"


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