Something Tookish

While reading The Hobbit to my kids, I happened upon an interesting phrase: "something Tookish woke up inside him."
It refers to a mild mannered hobbit named Bilbo Baggins, who had an aversion to adventure of any kind. In the safety of his hobbit hole, mundane predictability seemed preferable to the risk of exploring new horizons.

But a visit from the magician, Gandolf, shook him out of his comfort zone.

"There's more to you than you know." Gandolf observed.

Then, something "Tookish" woke up inside Bilbo

. Although his father was a Baggins, (and the Baggins' were always ones to play it safe), his mother was a Took! The Tooks were known for their sense of adventure and exploration. After marrying Mr. Baggins, Bilbo's mother had settled into a life of Baggins respectability. And for that, the entire Baggins family was thankful.

But something "Tookish" woke up inside Bilbo, and he would never settle for the hum drum again. "Something Tookish woke up inside him, and he wanted to explore the great mountains, and hear the pine trees and the waterfalls, and explore the caves, and wear a sword instead of a walking stick."

And as you read this, perhaps something "Tookish" is waking up inside you! There is more to you than you know!

What uncharted horizons does your heart long to explore?

When are you most alive?

What untapped potential lies dormant within your soul?

You will never know the possibilities of adventure unless you move beyond the shell of your security.

"Fan into flame the gift that lies within you."


Anonymous said…
I love that post, I am going to remember the word "Tookish" for a while. I always have something in my head that is Tookish, I see a spiritual counselor/to try to help me escape him. When do I feel the most alive, when I see God working in my life, with my love of doing caring ministry. It makes me so happy when I can just be their for someone who needs a listener, prayer, etc. My "tookish" is what is Gods calling for me, seems like a lot more into ministry but haven't figured that out yet.
Matt Aukerman, Global Partners-Albania said…
This post really resonated with me. I read a book a few years ago where the author excerpted this passage from The Hobbit. God really used it and the author's comments to speak to me. I remember tearing up as I sensed God telling me, "You were made for more than this." So my family and I stepped out and sought God, and today we are ministering in Albania. I believe God has "Tookish" intentions for almost all of us, if we will listen to Him.
Nellie Dee said…
Oh Wow. What an awesome post. I love it. As we set out on our path of "unknowns", I have tried to embrace and believe that God has something for us and keep a sense of adventure. This is priceless. Thanks for sharing something tookish.
Larissa said…
I'm a Took living in a Baggins world! I have been shown I'm made for more that this and until I reach that land that has been made for me I will try my hardest to shine and be Tookish!
Steve Gerich said…
Great post Mark. Reminds me of Joel.

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