Where are You Going?

Oliver Wendell Holmes, the great Supreme Court Justice, lost his train ticket one day. As he was frantically searching his pockets, the conductor recognized him and said, "Your Honor, if you do not find your ticket, you can simply mail it to the railroad. We know and trust you."

To this, Holmes replied, "I am not so concerned about getting my ticket; I just want to know where I am going!"

Sadly, many individuals have lost their ticket to life and happiness. They also do not know where they are going. Like nervous jack rabbits, they hop here and there, from one activity to another, without a deeper sense of purpose or direction.

They remind me of the hitchhiker I once saw who held a big sign stating his destination: "Anywhere!" People who are willing to go "anywhere" life takes them will end up going nowhere. You can count on it!

What do you want to accomplish with the rest of your life? What are you doing now to make this a reality?

What are your priorities? What is the most important thing in the world to you? Could somebody tell what you value by watching the way you spend your time?

Do you believe in God? Is your faith reflected in your daily choices, actions, and words?

Who are the most important people in your life? How do you treat them? Are you working at building loving relationships with your family? Do they receive your best energy, or do they only get your "leftovers"?

Put first things first! Chart your course! Set your direction! Don't forget where you are going!

Develop a dream - a long range plan for the future. Set some short range goals as well. These are the stairs that will get you to the second floor. You can wish for something until you are blue in the face, but it will never become a reality until you act - until you do something!

Little termites can destroy a house - and little "time gobblers" can eat up your time and energy - squeezing out the most important things. It takes vision, purpose, hard work, and determination to do what is important rather than what is urgent.

Do the important things! Spend time with your important people! Work on your important plans! Remember - first things first!


Duke Taber said…
Great post! I just heard someone say, and it was so true. If I am following Jesus, then why am I going nowhere?

Something to think about isn't it? Following means you are moving in some direction!

Thank you so much for your time you put in encouraging us pastors in small communities.

Pastor Duke
Duke Taber said…
This article made my top 10 articles of the week. Keep up the good work!

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