A Blessing in Disguise

My son, Luke, crashed his bike on the way to work at Pizza Hut tonight.  He dusted himself off, and started riding again -- but the crash bent something, making the rim rub.  He finished the trip without any other difficulty.

After work, he came out to discover that someone had stolen the bike.  He reported the theft to the police, and Fred, a co-worker, brought him home.

On his way back, Fred noticed a bicycle in the O'Reilley's parking lot, down the road from Pizza Hut.

Sure enough, it was Luke's missing bike.  Apparently, the thief abandoned it after discovering that the rim was rubbing.


Ryan Schmitz said…
That's funny
Praise God. He works all things together for His good!
Dave Q said…
Love it. Sometimes falling off your bike is a positive thing. As a mountain biker I can relate to falling off!

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